This is a quick guide to help ensure that we collect the best photos of your vehicle.

Why is this important?

We ask for photos of your vehicle for a variety of reasons.

  • to confirm make, model, trim level
  • to visualize any obstructions on the vehicle such as moldings, extreme curves etc
  • to verify that the body condition of the vehicle is suitable for graphic application
  • to plan for any non-OEM parts added to the vehicle

During the design and creative process, our team will reference your photos multiple times to ensure that our templates accurately match the vehicle in which you have submitted photos for. Without the proper photos we cannot guarantee a proper fit nor can we make design suggestions in case your vehicle has different moldings etc or suggest repair work that should be completed prior to installation.

Our templates are two dimensional so with your photos, it helps our creative team to visualize the vehicle as it sits in the 3D world and plan the design accordingly.

In the odd chance that you have a custom vehicle or one that has aftermarket parts, modifications or boxes, we may require certain measurements. Our team will be in touch in those cases with a detailed drawing showing what and where to measure.

How To Take Vehicle Photos

Take photos as straight on as possible. The greater the angle the harder for our team to verify key components and ensure the best fit.

These image examples show various components that we would look for such as, plastic molded bumpers, side moldings and rear molding. These are areas that cannot be covered with vinyl graphics and could greatly interfere with the design if not planned for upfront.

Our 2D templates are very accurate, however, there can be some inconsistencies between the templates and the actual vehicle. In the example above, our creative team was able to pinpoint the location of emblems on the rear of the vehicle that were not depicted on the template. Since we had photos, we were able to call out installation instructions in order to keep the design consistent with the program.




Please take the time to take the proper photos. This is your investment and we want to make sure that it is right the first time. The more information we can gather the more we can ensure a smooth ride!